The Truth about Truth.

The truth about truth is there isn’t “one”.

I’ve come to believe every person has a different reality that consumes their psyche. What’s real? What’s not? Do I have the courage to live my truth? Can I face the truth I lost or the one I created to cover my shadow self? The embarrassing, the un-pure, confused or ironically beautiful truth is real. Although, I believe these descriptive terms are all ego generated fantasies or fears in accordance towards general acceptance. The question is, ” Who are we really hiding from?”

Have hard to cope with circumstances, or people’s opinions viewed from THEIR human reaction or personal biology created an illusion of limits and perceptions in our lives? Is it possible we have created an environment around us that we have adapted to according the slides playing in someone else’s subconscious? That could very well be OUR truth.

So what’s your truth?